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Corporate Protection & Investigative Services – CPIS is a Corporate Security & Investigation agency located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Licensed by the Ministry of Solicitor General, Province of Ontario.  Registered Training Provider - Security Guards & Private Investigators

We’re currently hiring for the following roles:

  • Asset Protection Agents (Non-Supervisory)

  • Tactical Security Guards (Non-Supervisory)

Non-Static Sites

Hourly - $17.00-18.00/hour during probationary period

Hourly - $19.00-19.75/hour post probationary period

Reporting to: Staff Inspector T. Khurmatulla 

Employment Incentives

  • Extended Health & Medical Benefits (Optional – Post Probation Offerings)

  • 7 days paid – Pandemic quarantine period

  • General Uniforms will be covered by the Corporation – Security Deposit will be required

  • Attendance Program – When an employee is always (97% or more) on time for work, CPIS will give an employee 1 days paid credit per month*

  • Appearance & Optics Program – When an employee is always (97% or more) of having a fully compliance cleaned, pressed uniform upon inspection will qualify for a 1 day paid credit per month*

  • Client Kudos or Compliment – When an employee is formally acknowledged by a Senior Client manager via formal Kudos or Compliment email – an employee will qualify for a 1 day paid credit per month*

  • Asset Protection Agents (Loss Prevention Agents) – Will receive a $25.00 of banked dollars for each legitimate case/apprehension where a charged is laid on the accused.

  • Coming soon - Our agency is working on Dry Cleaning Service, Fitness Memberships and Meal Prep Delivery Programs for our employees, in addition to other exciting incentives.

Minimal Qualifications:

  • 2 years of industry experiences or equivalent

  • Ontario Security Guard and/or Private Investigator License (with no restrictions)

  • Certified First Aid & CPR Level C + AED

  • Ontario Drivers License with full privileges (is an asset)

  • Ontario Smart Serve Certificate (is an asset)

  • Access to a vehicle or having a vehicle (is an asset)

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident with the ability to work full time with no hourly restrictions

  • Ability to obtain a Criminal Record Check through our third-party provider or police agency

  • Ability to obtain a security clearance (for various sites) where applicable with the Government of Canada

  • Ability to write and communicate in English, French and other languages (is an asset)

  • Understanding and Knowledge of the Criminal Code of Canada, Mental Health Act and various legislation and regulations i.e., Section 494 CCC, Trespass to Property Act etc.

  • Use of Force – Trained/Certified Baton/Handcuff  

  • Ability/Willing to work various hours assigned day/night/weekend and holidays

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